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Lesly Brown – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

The celebrity we present today is the one that has made countless men in American and all over the world to fantasize about her. The reason for this is she was the former model for the infamous magazine Playboy back in the early 1980s. The name of this celebrity is Lesly Brown. While many of you might know her to be only the playboy model, she also happens to be a great photographer. As for the status of being a celebrity, Lesly Brown got it after she married Pat Sajak. If you don’t know who is Pat Sajak then let us tell you. Pat Sajak happens to be one of the greatest TV hosts in America who hosted America’s famous game show titled “Wheel of Fortune”. Lesly Brown-Sajak is Pat Sajak’s current 2nd wife.

Lesly Brown is an American by nationality and birth who was born and raised in Maryland, USA. She attended the University of Maryland where she graduated in TV Predation arts. In her early career years, she tried her hand at modeling and went on to become a successful model by becoming the model for the notorious magazine Playboy back in 1988. It was also at that year that she won the competition for Miss Georgetown. Also, 1988 was the very same year of success for Lesly Brown when she was introduced to at Sajak by a common friend. When she met Pat, Lesly was trying her options in the acting industry. As for her relationship in the early phases with Pat, it was strictly a platonic one but that changed with time. the relationship took such a fast pace of events that they eventually were married to each other by the end of 1989 and even went on to have a complete family with children of their own. Lesly also tried to pursue a career in law as an attorney but son gave up on the idea to raise her children. Still, over the course of years, she has made herself to be a great photographer.

Real Name:- 

Lesly Brown-Sajak


Lesly Brown






Date of Birth:-

February 18, 1965

Birth Place:-

Maryland, USA

Zodiac Sign:-




Physical Stats:-

Lesly Brown Sajak is a 55 years old American woman who is married to one of the greatest game show hosts in America; Pat Sajak. As we already know that she used to be a model for the Playboy magazine back in the 80s; this means that there is no debate about her beauty. She used to be a gorgeous woman with natural brown hair and deep brown eyes. Even to this day, she doesn’t look over 40 despite being in a ripe age.

Personal life:-

  • Lesly Brown was born and raised in Maryland, USA to a family of a dentist and his housewife. Her father’s name was Michel while her mother’s name was Maria Brown.
  • She completed her Highschool education from Maryland High school and went on to attend the famed University of Maryland. From there, she completed her Bachelors in TV Production back in 1986.
  • Lesly Brown was also enamored with the world of glamour and TV and this is why she pursued a brief career in modeling. She even participated in the Miss Georgetown competition back in 1988 and won it.
  • Her first modeling gig for the Playboy magazine was back in November of 1988 when she was featured in magazine’s pictorial titled “omen of Washington”. This photo of Lesly Brown was taken when she was 23 years old wearing a mere red bra with a set of matching colored panties and a white belt and pair of stockings.
  • She also aspired to be a TV actress but that was pushed back after her marriage. She also decided to once get a law degree and start a law practice but ultimately decided to live as a housewife. Still, the working woman passion of her couldn’t let her sit still and she went on to take up photography as a career.
  • As the wife of Pat Sajak, Lesly brown has certainly made many appearances on his show “Wheel of Fortune”.
  • Then in 1997, she was invited to host the game show “Jeopardy”. Lesly brown also took up jewelry making business which is of wheel theme. In order to promote this wheel-theme jewelry of hers, she made a special appearance on an episode of the game show “Wheel of Fortune” back in March of 2008.


  • Lesly Brown met with at Sajak by a common friend at a bar of the said common friend located in California. The occasion was the inauguration for the bar.
  • Lesly Brown and Pat Sajak have an age difference of whopping 18 years. Mentioning that age differed once at an interview, Lesly said that at the time of first meeting, they had no electricity in between each other.
  • Lesly and Pat talked for months with each other as mere friends but then in 1989, things suddenly started to change as they got involved romantically. Pat had been married once back in 1979 with a woman named Sherrill Sajak whom he divorced back in 1986.
  • They both got married on the night of New Year’s Eve in 1989 at a Catholic Church located in Maryland. Only 150 of the closest family and friends were invited to attend this ceremony.

Net worth:-

As of 2020, there is no official net worth information about Lesly Brown Sajak. Still, during her time as a model and now as a photographer and a jewelry maker, she has successfully managed to earn a small fortune of her own. It is estimated that her own net worth is somewhere in between 1 to 2 million dollars.

As for the net worth of Pat Sajak, it is around 55 million dollars.

Family Tree:-

Information regarding the family life of Lesly Brown Sajak is as follows.

Father Name:-

Her father’s name is Michael Sajak who worked as a dentist in Maryland, USA.

Mother Name:-

Her mother’s name is Maria Brown who lived a normal life of a housewife.


She was one of the 3 daughters of the Brown family. The names of her 2 sisters are

  • Wendy Brown
  • Kelly Brown


She has had two children with Pat Sajak and their names are as follows.

  • Patrick Michael James Sajak
  • Maggie Marie Sajak

Relationships & Affairs:-

She only had one serious relationship in her life which was with her current husband Pat Sajak.

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