LG soon adding the Alexa support to their 2019 ThinQ TVs

LG who has launched its innovative AI line of ThinQ TVs is now planning to get the Alexa support for their TVs from Amazon soon. The news about this support was announced by LG earlier on Thursday.

The new feature is soon going to be offered for its customers in North America in coming month with regions such as Asia and Europe getting the support on their ThinQ TVs in the following weeks.

Still, not all of the LG TVs are going to receive this support. Only LG’s TVs from 2019 which have the artificial intelligence feature will receive his upgrade which mostly includes the ThinQ TV. In addition to ThinQ TV, other TVs from LG that receive this upgrade are as follows.

  • NanoCell
  • OLED

Previously many of the LG TVs were able to have the Alexa support from the use of the external device but now they will no longer need this external help.

Alexa Support and Features:-

With this new Alexa support, customers will now be able to perform the following tasks on their TVs.

  • Controlling their smart home products
  • Ask questions from their TV
  • Be able to access over 90000 other Alexa Skills

Since 2018, LG’s ThinQ TVs have the Google Assistant Support but now the Alexa support is going to be a nice addition.

Other LG TV models and their upgrades:-

LG also made an announcement that their 2019 LG OLED and NanoCell TVs will also receive the following support sometime this year.

  • AirPlay 2
  • HomeKit

According to LG, the AI technology incorporated in their ThinQ TVs allows them to be able to handle not only the complexity but also the understanding of the Hundred of different voice commands.

For the past couple of years, LG has been promoting the AI capabilities of its products with earlier being its smartphones and now its flagship product, the ThinQ TV.

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