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Libby Offutt – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Today we will be telling you about a celebrity that is not famous but infamous in nature. She is Libby Offutt, who is the ex-girlfriend of retired football player Randy Moss. Randy Moss represents many teams, including participation in the “National Soccer League.” (NFL) San Francisco 49ers. Libby Offutt is known for her long and turbulent relationship with Moss. They have five children together.

Offutt made headlines in 2016, when Moss accused her of spending about $ 4 million on drugs. He also accused her of abandoning her children and that she had to withdraw from sports to care for her children. However, Libby Offutt refuted these allegations and claimed that her ex-boyfriend falsely accused her of keeping her away from her children.

If you want to know more about the life of Libby Offutt, we advise you to read along.

Real Name:- 

Libby Offutt







Date of Birth:-

November 1, 1975

Birth Place:-


Zodiac Sign:-




Physical Stats:-

Libby Offutt is a 45 years old American woman who if not gorgeous to extreme is still quite nice looking. If it was not for her beauty then Randy moss would not have decided to marry her. She has luxurious black hairs which she often dyes in various colors; most preferably white and pink. Other than that she has nice dark blue eyes which give her an enchanting look. Although the drug abuse problem of Libby Offutt has made it hard for her to maintain her beauty, she is still better looking than most drug addicts.

Personal life:-

In this section of the wiki bio we will be telling you all that we know about personal life of Libby Offutt.

  • Libby Offutt was born to Elizabeth Ann Offutt in the United States on November 1, 1975 to Margaret and Frank Montgomery Offutt. She grew up with her 2 sisters Jennifer and Angela.
  • Offat went to “St Albans High School” in West Virginia, and later to “DuPont High School”. She participated in various sports and was an excellent swimmer in high school.
  • She began dating Randy Moss while studying at “DuPont High School.” Her relationship with Moss was criticized by classmates who often bullied them with racial comments. Offutt and Moss were even threatened because of their ethnic relationships.
  • Libby Offutt’s father, Frank Montgomery Offutt, worked for many organizations, including “Monsanto”, “Goodrich Bay Rubber Factory” and “Kannavaha Valley”. “Chemistry” and “MTI Engineering”. Her father also shortly worked as the Chairperson for the “Board of Christian Education” while also working as the deacon. In his spare time, he and h is wife Margarette coach the church’s women’s basketball team. Offutt’s father suffered from a rare degenerative disease for the last 11 years of his life known as pure autonomic failure. After undergoing the operation, he took his last breath on November 28, 2012.
  • Libby Offutt has struggled with drug-related problems in the past. However, she claimed that there has been no drug abuse since 2007. When Moss accused her of drug abuse, Offutt’s mother, Margarette, offered to support her daughter because she denied Moss’s accusations.
  • Libby Offutt was pregnant with Moss’s child while at DuPont High School. On March 6, 1994, she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Sydney Nikale Moss. The racial taunts Offutt and Moss faced escalated after the birth of their children. When he reacted to such comments, Moss found himself in a fierce battle that ultimately ruined his chance to play football for “Notre Dame de Paris” because it cost him his scholarship to “Notre Dame de Paris.”. He even stayed in prison for three days For participating in a fight back in 1995.
  • Offat’s children, Sydney and Thaddeus, are athletes. Sydney is a basketball player, and Taddeus followed in his father’s footsteps and became a soccer player. Represented “LSU Tigers Soccer Program” (Fighting Tigers) in competitions and played for “Louisiana State University”.


  • Libby Offutt and Randy Moss made headlines again when they were arrested for domestic violence in 1996. Offutt later claimed that they had a lively fight and it turned into a fight. Moss threw hot water on him during the fight.
  • Despite the turbulent relationship between them, Offutt and Moss continued to have four children: Senali, Thaddeus, Montigo, and Sylee.
  • After their separation Moss continued to marry a woman named Lydia.
  • In December 2016, Moss took to his official Twitter page and criticized Libby Offutt. He claimed that Offutt had spent $ 4 million on drugs and that she refused professional help. He also said that she abandoned her children, forcing him to give up his football career in order to raise children.
  • In January 2017, Offutt denied Moss’s claims. She said Moss falsely accused her of keeping her away from children. He even claimed that Moss and Lydia forbade him from seeing the children.

Net worth:-

There is no actual information regarding the net worth of Libby Offutt but we can still have a fair estimate of it. If the indications are right, her net worth can be easily estimated to be around 100 to 200 thousand dollars. This money can only be the one that Offutt got after her divorce settlement from Randy Moss.

Family Tree:-

Information regarding the family of Libby Offutt is as follows.

Father Name:-

Libby Offutt’s father’s name is Frank Montgomery Offutt who worked various jobs for organization like

  • Monsanto
  • Goodrich-Gulf Rubber plant
  • Kanawha Valley Chemical Industry
  • MTI Engineering

Other than that he also served for the Board of Christian Education s their chairman while also serving the position of a deacon.

Mother Name:-

The name of Libby Offutt’s mother is Margarette Offutt. She was a normal American housewife who raised her 3 daughters.


Libby Offutt has 2 other siblings both of whom are sisters. Their names are as follows.

  • Jennifer Offutt
  • Angela Offutt


Despite having a rocky married life with Randy Moss, Libby Offutt had 4 children with him. Their names are as follows.

  • Senali
  • Thaddeus
  • Montigo
  • Sylee

Relationships & Affairs:-

She only had one serious relationship in her life and that was with her ex-husband Ready Moss. The marriage lasted for many years but eventually it ended in a brutal divorce.

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