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Lisa Boothe – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Lisa Boothe is a renowned American news reporter, strategist, and political analyst. Lisa regularly publishes articles on Fox News, Fox Business, and CNN. She is also known for providing content to Washington examiners. Lisa won the admiration of the audience for her excellent political knowledge and experience. Before embarking on the FNC journey, Lisa worked for a Fortune 500 company and analyzed political crisis situations and had a successful career.

Because of her talent, Lisa is widely respected in the American political media. In a short time, Lisa has gained such a reputation, success, and millions of admirers, fans, and followers on social media. In addition to being a political reporter, Boothe is also the founder and president of her boutique company, which specializes in political communication and public relations.

Today in our wiki-bio we will be telling you all the aspects of Lisa Boothe’s life.

Real Name:- 

Lisa Marie Boothe


Lisa Boothe





Date of Birth:-

October 26th 1977

Birth Place:-

Ohio, USA

Zodiac Sign:-




Personal life:-

For this section of the Lisa Boothe wiki, we will be telling you all the personal details of her life as well as the career achievements.

  • Lisa began her political career in 2010 as a member of Congress, senator, and super PAC communications expert. In 2012, Lisa began to represent Sandy Adams. In the 2014 election, Lisa served as a senior director for the Black Rock Group, leading communication work for Fortune 500 companies. Lisa also served as a spokesperson for the Republican polling company during its establishment. She went on to become Tommy Thompson’s main wife in the Senate elections.
  • Later, she held a position at WPA, where she was a member of the executive team for WPA Research. Lisa contributed to the political movement led by WPA. After working at WPA, Lisa finally got a job at Fox News Channel (FNC) in 2016, where she worked as a web writer. With a wealth of knowledge, Lisa continues to become a political analyst and commentator on the FNC’s primetime shows. Although many people may think that Lisa is famous for her role on the Internet, this is not true.
  • During FNC’s career, Lisa founded a boutique political communication and public affairs company “High Noon Strategies.” Lisa is the founder and president of the company. She is the contributing author of “The Washington Examiner.”
  • Boothe has won numerous awards for his outstanding work. She won almost all the Emmy nominations for the categories in which she got nominated.


For this section we will be telling you some of the facts about the life of Lisa Boothe.

  • Lisa Marie Boothe was born on October 26, 1977 in Ohio. However, Lisa spent her growing up years in the American political center of Washington, DC.
  • Due to her political family background, she was exposed to the political world at a very young age. As the years passed, Lisa’s interest in politics only grew and she decided to pursue a career in the same industry.
  • Lisa graduated from the University of Knoxville in Tennessee to cultivate her interest in politics. She studied political science and government with a BA. This laid a solid foundation for Lisa to become a renowned political analyst.
  • She made sure to keep her personal life, especially her love life, a secret, so we know little about Lisa’s life. Your Instagram identifier may be the only way fans can find information about your personal and professional life. Lisa’s recent Instagram post and comments from John Bourbonia Cummins caused many of her fans to speculate whether John was the mysterious figure in Lisa’s life.

Net worth:-

As of this year, the official net worth of Lisa Boothe as per some sources is around 10 million dollars. This is the net worth that this American journalist earned through her career as a journalist for many renowned TV stations over the years.

Family Tree:-

When it comes to the family of Lisa Boothe, she maintains a secretive and private stance. This is the main reason there is almost  no information on her family life.

Father Name:-

Her father’s name is not known but it is known that he sued to be heavily invested in political affairs. This is the main reason that Lisa Boothe has been doing political shows over the course of her career and has degree in Political science.

Mother Name:-

Not known.


Not known


She has no children yet.

Relationships & Affairs:-

When it come to love life, Lisa Boothe maintains even a more secretive stance and this has left may to guess her relationship status. Still, none the wiser, nobody knows if she is in a serious relationship or married to someone.

In some Instagram posts of Lisa Boothe, she has mentioned John Bourbonia Cummins who also commented on those posts. These led to speculations that John Bourbonia Cummins might be that secret person in her life.

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