Manila Gets Hit by A 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake resulting in Water to Cascade down from the Rooftop of a Skyscraper

The main island of Philippines named Luzon was hit by a magnitude 6.1 earthquake earlier on Monday that resulted in the death of 11 people and 11 were left injured badly.

After the natural disaster subsided, a video went viral over social media which shows the tremendous and terrifying power of the disaster.  The video clearly shows the “Anchor Skysuites” apartment block located in Manila creating a waterfall from its rooftop swimming pool as it the whole building rocked from the earthquake.

According to the report of the US Geological Survey, the earthquake happened at depth of 25 miles and struck the capital from 37 miles afar of the northwest location.

You can watch the rare footage, which shows the force of the earthquake as it rocked the whole building and causing the water to cascade down from its rooftop swimming pool.

The residential skyscraper by the name “Anchor Skysuites” is located in Manila, Philippines.  The design of this building is created with the organic architecture ideology to create a harmony between the human habitations with natural world. The building has a biomorphic design, which allows it to make use of the sunlight and air to minimize the use of artificially produced energy. The structural engineering for this skyscraper was carried out by Jose “Boy” Sy and Naveed Anwar. Both of these architectures are the part of Asian Institute of Technology.

The Anchor Skysuites skyscraper had been evaluated on its completion for high earthquake resistance.

The height of this building which has 52 floors is nearly 625.2 feet with its highest floor being at a height of 594.7 feet. With this much height, this is the highest building to be in Manila Chinatown. The owners of this building claim that this is the biggest Chinatown building outside of China in the whole world.

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