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Marvelous Things We Longed For as Kids, Now We Can Have Them

Do any of you guys remember as to what you thought about you will do when you grow up? Some of you might have made a promise to yourselves to eat a pound of sweets and bubble gum, some to have toys, some to have no more prohibitions and some to have complete freedom. However as we grow up to be adults, only very few of us have ever managed to achieve our goals that we made as kids.

Today we have compiled a list of people who were fortunate enough to still live as kids.

So scroll down to look at these marvelous things we longed for as kids and now we can have them.

I can finally afford this!


Just got a new job working with Legos. My childhood dream realized, thought I’d share some photos


A staircase with a slide; everybody’s childhood dream!


This is me and my new airplane. Flew it home yesterday and am still pinching myself!


Best impulse buy I’ve ever made!


In 1995 my great-aunt gave me a stuffed cat. It was my absolute favorite and I slept with it every night throughout my childhood. When she passed, we found out she had bought an identical cat and kept it in pristine condition for 2 decades. The years of love certainly left their mark.

stuffed cat

A Coca-Cola dispenser in a home kitchen


Goldeneye 64 Watch Face. A childhood dream has come true!


Adulthood means getting a cake for no reason


Never had one as a kid. Today is my birthday and my girlfriend made a childhood dream come true


Realizing a childhood dream tonight that I never knew I had

childhood dream

Because I’m an adult, that’s why!”


It was my childhood dream to own and play the piano. 28 years later this is what life had in store for me


I decided that being an adult was overrated…


I recently came into some money and decided to go to the Lego store and make a childhood dream come true

Lego store

Caught my husband red-handed…thought he was working out


My brother really wanted to swim with his turtle


I’m 62 years old and my favorite place at home is the trampoline room

trampoline room

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