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Maureen Blumhardt – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Maureen Blumhardt is an American humanitarian and former model. She is the wife of retired basketball player Charles Barkley, who was once one of the “most dominant power forwards in the National Basketball Association (NBA).” Maureen used to be a model in an advertisement for a human vibration machine. He also served as a legal assistant. Later in his life, he focused on charitable service. Maureen is now a member of a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women.

She has been married to Charles for about 30 years and is the mother of one daughter. During their dates, they faced criticism due to ethnic differences. Charles who used to be a notorious gambler has often thanked Maureen for the way she stood by him and how it changed his life.

In this wiki-bio, we will touch each aspect of Maureen Blumhardt’s life from her personal life to her career achievements and her current life.

Real Name:- 

Maureen Blumhardt


Maureen Blumhardt



Former model



Date of Birth:-


Birth Place:-

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Zodiac Sign:-

Not known



Personal life:-

In this section of the Maureen Blumhardt wiki-bio, we will tell our readers all about her career achievements as well as the information of her personal life.

  • Maureen’s career primarily includes charity work, especially for women. For a long time, she has been in contact with a non-profit organization called “Novice Women’s Foundation” in Phoenix. As an honorary member of the organization, Maureen has made outstanding contributions to the empowerment of women. She helped the organization by gathering and providing all the help and resources needed to change and improve the lives of women. Maureen’s services to the organization have improved the lives of many poor women through education, training and participation.
  • Maureen previously worked as a part-time paralegal and model. She once appeared in an advertisement for a human vibrating machine called “Noblerex K-1”.
  • Maureen married Charles Barkley, a retired American professional basketball player. Maureen’s husband is also known as “Chuck”, “Sir Charles” and “Rebound Hill” and currently serves as an analyst for “TNT” “Inside the NBA”. However, Charles is known for his compulsive gambling habits, which is why he has lost millions of dollars in the past.
  • Maureen and Charles first met at a City Avenue restaurant. At the time, Maureen was working as a part-time model in Bucks County. Their first meeting was awkward. Due to ethnic differences, they were not confident enough to talk to each other. A subsequent DNA test and a broadcast on the television show “Lopez Tonight” showed Charles mixing, 14% of them were Native Americans, 11% were European and 75% were African. Despite this, the two eventually met and fell in love.
  • Unfortunately, their relationship faces a lot of criticism. Their marriage caused public controversy in the late 1980s. Even Charles’s father once expressed concern about his son’s relationship. However, he fully supports Charles’s decision. Due to the criticism they faced due to racial differences, Maureen and Charles decided to marry without the intervention of the media. They were married before a judge in 1989. They even hid their marriages in the press for a long time. Their daughter Christiana was born the same year. Maureen and Charles are rumored to have a son too.
  • Charles has always recognized Maureen’s role in bringing positive change to his life. He admitted that he did not believe in the early marriage system, but since he has been married to Maureen for more than 30 years, he is grateful to God.



  • Maureen Blumhardt was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1960. Her exact date of birth is not yet known. However, some sources claimed that he celebrated his birthday on January 15.
  • Maureen graduated from “Villanova University” and later studied at the “Columbia School of Journalism”.

Net worth:-

Although it is not official, as per some source, the net worth of Maureen Blumhardt is around 1 million dollars. As for her husband, who was once a well-known basket ball player, he lost his millions of dollars to his gambling addiction back in the early 90s. As for Maureen Blumhardt’s net worth, it is the one that she earned from her brief modeling career.

Family Tree:-

There is very little information available on the life of Maureen Blumhardt. Still, the information we could scavenger from internet and pubic records is as follows.

Father Name:-

Not known

Mother Name:-

Not known


Not known


She has only one child from her marriage with Charles Barkley.

Relationships & Affairs:-

She only had one serious relationship in her life and that was and still is with her current husband Charles Barkley. It was an interracial marriage back in the late 1980s. This led to a huge controversy and speculations. Even Maureen Blumhardt’s father in-law and Charles’ father was against this marriage. The marriage feel through some rocky years majorly due to Charles’ gambling habit which led to him losing his millions of dollars. Still, the couple stood by each other’s side and they are still going strong.

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