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Megan Wallace Cunningham – Bio, Facts, Family, Net Worth In 2021

The celebrity we present today is not the one that works in the entertainment industry. Instead, she is someone who is known as the best art dealer in America. Yes, she is Megan Wallace Cunningham, who got her fame after she married to well-known American TV host Craig Ferguson as his current 3rd wife. They tie their marital knot back in 2008 and they are a family with a son. Although Ferguson as his job dictates is living a media limelight life, his wife Megan Wallace Cunningham has decided to stay clear from all this.

Only a little is known about her early life that she comes from a wealthy family in Vermont and does not like to interact with media. As for Megan Wallace Cunningham, she established herself a successful career as an art dealer despite her reclusive lifestyle. The only times when Megan Wallace Cunningham makes an appearance is to support her husband during the award ceremonies and events like the red carpet. She is not only a professional woman but also a loving housewife and mother who raises her stepson from Ferguson’s previous marriage devoutly.

Real Name:- 

Megan Wallace Cunningham


Mega Wallace


Professional Art Dealer



Date of Birth:-


Birth Place:-

Vermont, USA

Zodiac Sign:-

Not known



Physical Stats:-

Megan Wallace Cunningham is a 45 years old gorgeous woman with natural blonde hairs and a body figure that can make many men gulp in amazement. She is a slim lady with a height measuring at 5 feet 6 inches and a bodyweight of 55 kg. Her slim figure indicates that she likes to maintain her physique to her utmost with some physical exercise like yoga or swimming.

Personal life:-

In this section of the wiki, we will be offering the information about Megan Wallace Cunningham that you might have never known previously.

  • Megan Wallace Cunningham is a child of a well-educated, well-respected and wealthy family from Vermont. In fact, she is a direct descendant of one of the founding fathers of America; John Adams and his wife named Abigail Adams. As for her family’s business, they own a massive farm in Chester, Vermont.
  • Before she met with Chester, Megan was living a secluded life. She completed her education in arts from a college in Vermont and started her career in the art world. Due to her family’s wealth and her taste in art, she soon established herself as a US-renowned art dealer rather quickly.
  • As for her relationship with Craig Ferguson, they also met each other at an art auction back in 2005. Soon they hit off and started dating. After few years of dating, they decided to take the big step and tied their marital knot back in 2008.
  • As for Craig Ferguson, who does not know him in USA as a comedian, writer, producer, director, and actor. He is mostly known for his job of a TV host for the CBS TV show “The Late Show with Craig Ferguson”.
  • While this was the first marriage for Megan Wallace Cunningham, for Craig this was his 3rd The marriage ceremony was a private one carried out at Megan’s family-owned farm with a very limited guest list.
  • Before Ferguson’s marriage with Megan, he has been married to two women; firstly with a graphic designer named Anne Hogarth and secondly to a female bodybuilder named Sascha Corwin. From Ferguson’s 2nd marriage, he has a son but that marriage still ended in a divorce.
  • Following 2 years of his marriage with Megan, Ferguson took it to social media to announce that he was expecting a child with her. Finally, on 31st January 2011, Megan gave broth to her first ad Ferguson’s 2nd child; a son they named Liam.
  • Although their marriage seems to be going solid for nearly 12 years but they too have to experience many problems in their life. Especially for Ferguson, who has been a long time recovering alcoholic. He has been trying to stay sober for a little time.
  • As for Megan Wallace Cunningham, she is still carrying on with her profession as an art dealer in Vermont. She is perfecting balancing her work life with her married life. She is a loving mother who is taking care of not only her own born son but her stepson as well.


Following are a few of the facts about the life of Megan Wallace Cunningham.

  • She is a well-known art dealer in America who mostly works in Vermont.
  • She is married to the host of the CBS show “The Late Show with Craig Ferguson”.
  • Megan and Craig met each other at an art auction back in 2005. They dated for 3 years before marrying each other in December of 2008.
  • She likes to live a reclusive life; away from the media limelight. She is only seen on camera during special events alongside her husband like on Red Carpet events and Award Ceremonies.
  • She has helped her husband Craig Ferguson; a long-time alcoholic, to fight with his addiction and stay sober. Craig is now sober for many years.

Net worth:-

Although the exact net worth of Megan Wallace Cunningham is not known, it is estimated to be at 3 million dollars. This is after calculating the fact that she is a nationally renowned art dealer and comes from a wealthy family.

Other than that her husband Craig Ferguson net worth is about 30 million dollars.


She is currently living with her husband somewhere in Hollywood, USA.

Family Tree:-

There is not of information about the family of Megan Wallace Cunningham except her current one. One great fact known about her family is that Megan Wallace Cunningham is the direct descendent of John Adams; one of the Founding Fathers of America and his wife Abigail Adams.

Father Name:-

Not known.

Mother Name:-

Not known.


Not known.


She only has a single son from her marriage with Craig Ferguson. Craig announced the pregnancy of Megan on social media back in July of 2010. Their son Liam James Ferguson was born on 31st January 2011.

She also has a stepson named Milo Hamish Ferguson, who is the son of Craig’s 2nd wife Sascha Ferguson.

Relationships & Affairs:-

She only had one serious relationship in her life and that was with Craig Ferguson. They met in 2005 and date for 3 years before tying the knot in 2008 at Megan’s family farm in Chester, Vermont. Their marriage is still going strong.

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