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Michael Anthony Strahan – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Michael Strahan is a former professional American football player and television personality. In his 15-year career he has played on the defensive end, combining his tall and strong body with his unwavering desire to avoid the opponent’s offensive games and become one of the most famous players in the NFL. Redefines the art of catching in the game, this is his mark in the game, he broke the NFL record of 18 years, the season defined 22.5 sacks.

After retiring from the game, he entered the media and achieved great success, first as a co-host and later by hosting various talk shows, soccer talk shows, and even a game show. He also acted very smartly, playing guest roles in sitcoms and movies with matching roles. He owns a bestseller and even features collections of men’s clothing, accessories, shoes, and luggage as his personal brand. As a philanthropist, he was resolutely involved in activities such as the American Cancer Society, the “Least Privileged Housing Company,” and the “Heterosexual Children’s Fund” through shares. In addition, he also participated in the “Ethical Animal Treatment of People” public service announcement. “He immediately called for the cancellation of NFL games after the terrible attacks of September 11.

Real Name:- 

Michael Anthony Strahan


Michael Strahan


American Football Player

Television Presenter



Date of Birth:-

November 21st 1971

Birth Place:-

Houston, Texas, USA

Zodiac Sign:-




Personal life:-

  • His professional soccer career began in the spring of 1993, when he was selected by the New York Giants in the second round of the NFL Draft that year. He spent several seasons adjusting to the tough tests of the NFL and became a regular manager for the Giants.
  • He entered his fifth season in 1997, and this is his career. That year, he recorded 14 sacks at quarterback, allowing him to win the NFL Pro Bowl game that season. In the second year, he collected 15 sacks and, for the second year in a row, emerged on the NFL Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams.
  • After several incredible and injury-plagued seasons, Michael Strahan restored his record for best defensive defense in the 2001 season, breaking a record of 22.5 bags that season.
  • By 2006, he had amassed 132.5 sacks, which was equal to his Lawrence Taylor and set a franchise record for the New York Giants.
  • In 2007, he and quarterback Eli Manning played a pivotal role in winning the championship game against the unbeaten record of the New England Patriots. The Giants lifted the Super Bowl for the first time in the past two decades.
  • The following year, he announced his retirement from the NFL on June 9, 2008.
  • Just days after retiring, Fox Network announced on June 24, 2008 that Michael Strahan was invited to participate in their pregame performance, which is NFL Sunday.
  • In 2009, he starred in the Fox Brothers comedy. However, this is short-lived, the last episode will air on December 27, 2009.
  • With the departure of the long-term co-host, Regis Philbin moved from Live! Along with Regis and Kelly, the once professional soccer players were invited to co-host a joint show with Kelly Ripa. The joint morning talk show announced on September 4, 2012 was renamed Live! With Kelly and Michael, the ratings went up immediately.
  • In 2016, Michael Strahan left the Live! He joined the Good Morning America team full time with Kelly and Michael. In the same year, he was also invited to host another ABC game show “The $ 100,000 Pyramid.”
  • In 2018, as the network obtained the broadcast rights to “Thursday Night Football,” it accepted the Fox Network’s invitation to host the Fox NFL Thursday pregame show.


  • Michael Anthony Strahan was born on November 21, 1971, in Houston, Texas. He was the youngest of six children and moved to Manheim, where his father was then the major in the United States Army, Gene Willie Strahan.
  • In high school, he returned to Texas. Initially lacking experience in competitive soccer, he quickly adapted to the requirements of the game, for which he won an athletic scholarship from Texas Southern University.
  • He began his life at Texas Southern University on the defensive end. Throughout the past year representing the South Texas Tigers, Strahan occupied the melee lineup, suddenly broke the offensive line, put the quarterback in a stalemate and made mistakes.
  • Michael Strahan’s record of 22.5 sacks in the 2001 season remains the highest since defensive measures entered official statistics in 1982. Additionally, his career statistics of 141.5 sacks are the fifth highest record in the league. NFL history.
  • At Super Bowl XLII on Super Bowl Sunday in Glendale, Arizona on February 3, 2008, his two tackles and one sack helped his team create one of the biggest upsets in NFL history. The 17-14 victory meant the New York Giants won their first Super Bowl in two decades. For him, this is also the first Super Bowl champion of the American Football League.
  • His career has won many awards and honors, the most famous of which are the 2001 and 2003 Defensive Player of the Year and the NFL 2000 Team of the Decade.
  • In 2014, he was elected to the PPHOF (Professional Soccer Hall of Fame). As a result, he performed a ritual coin toss and Super Bowl XLVIII began.
  • During his time as a co-host of Live! Along with Kelly and Michael, he won the Daytime Emmy twice.
  • He has taken a number of charitable initiatives. This includes the renovation and restoration of old houses and charity fundraisers. In 2008 he participated in the design of Nike shoes for ID Studio. Proceeds from shoe sales go to Nike’s “let me play” campaign.

Net worth:-

As of this year, the net worth of Michael Strahan is around 75 million dollars. This is the net worth that the celebrity earned from his career in the NFL as well as a TV personality.

Family Tree:-

Father Name:-

Gene Strahan

Mother Name:-

Louise Strahan


Debra Strahan


  • Isabella Strahan
  • Michael Strahan Jr.
  • Sophia Strahan
  • Tanita Strahan

Relationships & Affairs:-

Wanda Hutchins (m. 1992–1996)

Jean Muggli (m. 1999–2006)

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