Motivational Books You Must Read in 2018

Motivation is a powerful tool that can inspire you to turn your life around but sitting and waiting for motivation is just idiotic. If you want to be successful then you must seek out that motivation yourself.  Libraries and book markets are swarmed with thousands of motivational books and the one that suits your temperament can help you get a long way. We have selected a bunch of famous motivational books from renowned authors that will you help get through 2018.

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins

This book written by Mel Robbins has the facts and stories that he cited from various fields like Business, Art and History. If you are worried about the credentials of Mel Robbins, let us tell you that her video of TEDx Talk was viewed by 12 million viewers up to this point. Mel is also one of the famous motivational speakers an in this book she explained the power which she refers to as “the Push Moment” in her motivational speaking. Reading this book will certainly do you wonders and let you explore yourself.

Mel Robbins

Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

The name Tony Robbins is almost known by any person who I an avid reader of motivational books. His previous books like “Awaken the Giant” and ‘unlimited Power” both went on to become New York Best Sellers. Now he charges with the new release “Unshakeable”. The book is for those who are hoping to get some financial advice and motivation, as Tony robins narrates his experiences that he gained from talking to fifty of the greatest financial minds of this world. The book will help you gain that financial freedom that you always desired. The book will totally later your way of financial understanding regardless as to which profession you belong.

Tony Robbins

Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards

Vanessa van Edwards is not only a motivational speaker or author but she is famous for being a behavioral hacker of humans and the guru to find out the hidden forces of his subjects. Her book “captivate” contains the knowledge that will allow you to fully transform your communicational behavior not only at your work place but at your home as well.

Vanessa Van Edwards

Win Bigly by Scott Adams

Scott Addams a name that predicted the winning of Trump first on his blog. Scott Adams wrote that Trump is an embodiment for the Power of Persuasion and this is a unique force that you see once in any generation.

With this comment many might think that the book is all about politics but no; it is actually about explain the tools of persuasion that everyone needs to employ in their everyday life to succeed. For these Apple lovers, Scott has also used the motivational stories about Steve Jobs and his decision when he decided to invest in Apple.

Scott Adams

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