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MyShake, the Earthquake early warning app triggered in California following an earthquake for the 1st time

Well as it happens to be the MyShake app really works.

The early warning Earthquake app in California was triggered for the first time ever this Tuesday morning. The app named MyShake sent the first alert ever from the app to notify the populace of the nearby area of an incoming earthquake.

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At about 10:30 am of the local time, the area of the central cost located near the town called Cholame was prompted with an earthquake of 4.3 magnitude. The alert for the quake was prompted to the nearby residing people via the app that they would suffer from the impact’s shaking.

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The idea behind the MyShake app is to provide the people within even seconds of the warnings to allow them to have time for dropping, covering and holding on before the earthquake’s shaking hit their residing area. In this case for the Cholame earthquake, the notifications were sent to over 40 people in the area for about 8.7 seconds earlier than when the quake hit the area.

Intro of MyShake:-

The MyShake app was launched back in October and works by being connected to the sensors that are placed along the fault lines of California that are sued for the detection of the starting earthquakes. Throughout the state of California, the sensors registered a quake of about 4.5 magnitude or above and upon doing o they MyShake app will send out alerts to the people living in the most affected areas.

While the earthquake registered in Cholame was of 4.3-magnitude, the sensors still registered the quake for being of 4.8 magnitude.

There is also one other important feature of the MyShake app. This feature allows for the people to share their experiences during the quakes. As per the app, nearly 151 people shared their experiences on the app but out of them only 15 people actually felt the light feeling of shaking. The remaining 132 people felt a simple ziltch.

While this is an underwhelming debut for MyShake, the earthquake early warning app, we are still thankful that it was so. And the future prospects of the app look great as it will be helpful in saving countless lives.

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