Nike’s new app-connected self lacing shoes reportedly fail due to a faulty update

This is it for Nike’s new self-tying app connected shoes.

Owners of these newly released 350 dollars worth of Self-tying shoes with Nike app “Adapt BB” have taken their complaints on Google Play. The owners of these fancy shoes complained that a faulty upgrade of the app has left their new cool kicks utterly useless.

You heard it right; these hyped self-tying shoes are now not able to connect with their accompanying Nike app. Although Nike has put buttons on the shoes so you can still tie them the old fashioned way but people are pissed over it.

How these Self Tying Shoes from Nike worked:-

According to a press release from Nike, this is how the shoes were supposed to work.

The shoes came with an internal and advanced ‘Power Lacing System’ which was combined with a special Nike app’ that was being continuously upgraded to tie and untie this state of the art footwear. The app helps the shoe wearer select the perfect fit for them. The shoes adjust itself via app according to a wearer’s foot changing size.

What happened to the perfect shoe and its accompanying app:-

However, recently, some customers of these shoes suffered difficulty in pairing their Adapt BB app on their Android phones with their shoes.

On such review reads as “app won’t pair with left shoe. They paired with sneakers right after I bought them, but after the update, they are trashed.”

Other people also suffered their own similar problems. One other review reads as “The app has even lesser functionality than the iOS app. The first update of the app left a huge error in connecting with shoes and left the right shoe bricked. This needs some serious work.”

It is needless to state that all these customers are really angry after shelling out such a huge sum of money over these promised shoes.

As for Nike, they are yet to make any comments about all this.

Nike’s VP Michael Douglas, before the release of these shoes, made a very bold statement as follows,

“Shoelaces, you had a good run but I think we have bettered you for good.”

Now please excuse us as we try to lace up our self-tying shoes in anger and go for a long run away from this nightmare of shoes we have brought down on ourselves.

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