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Nikolay Yarakhtin, A Street Artist in Russia Who Draws Realistic Portraits in Only 1 Hour

We have seen our fair share of the street artists who tend to make the portraits of the people in a realistic manner right on the spot. It is easy to ignore the training and the mastering of the art that goes into creating these realistic portraits in such less amount of time but it is undeniable relay hard to master.



There is also a street artist who works on the streets of Saints Petersburg, Russia whose works are of the highest of the street art quality.  The man’s name is Nikolay Yarakhtin who actually hails from Cheboksary and has dedicated nearly 28 years of his life to his art of creating incredibly realistic portraits of people


Nikolay Yarakhtin told, “I discovered my God-given art talent when I was only 6 or 7 years old. At that time in my life, I was drawing anything and anywhere. My art could be of walls, books, albums or notebooks.”


Nikolay Yarakhtin further says, “It takes me about 1 whole hour to make a portrait of a person.  Seeing the excitement on the face of my clients is what brings me real joy and that also gives me inspiration. It tends to give me the creative energy and motivate me to become much better.” Nikolay Yarakhtin has met with a diverse and wide range of audiences while working on the streets of Saint Petersburg. His artwork is attended by uncountable people each day which could never be achieved in the art gallery.


Observing the details of the portraits in real life tends to allow the artist to analyze the depth of the features and draw them in meticulous detail. This is why many of Nikolay Yarakhtin’s drawings tend to turn out as more realistic. Nikolay Yarakhtin says, “When a person draws live portrait they can see the model much better unlike he tie when you draw from a flat picture. This process is much more crucial to me than other forms.”

When Nikolay Yarakhtin when asked about the secret behind his life-like realistic portraits, he said, “The secret of my art is to see the secret that lies in the way as the artist sees a model. I was taught in art school to see the figure as a whole but not as details. The principal of my drawing is to start working from the general to specifics which is to start from big shapes and then end with smaller ones. It has taken me lots of years to achieve this and I also studied anatomy and practiced the knowledge as well.”


While Nikolay Yarakhtin points out that rain and windy weather can be his most troubling things during his artwork, the main problem is when the model moves a lot. This makes it difficult for him to capture their likeness into the portrait.


Nikolay Yarakhtin also expressed his ambition which is to gather enough of his artwork and then present all of it as the personal exhibition.


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