Nomad presents its latest charging cables which are made of the actual Kevlar

Nomad is the name of the famed accessory company and lately, they have presented their new line of the charging cables but there is something special about these cables. These charging cables have been redesigned by adding a whole lot of Kevlar into them and not just in name.

USB cable

It is the real licensed Kevlar. With these new charging cables made from Kevlar, they will be stronger as compared to the company’s already strong cables.

Strongest Cables Ever

These new cables have been made from an industrial version of the Kevlar named Kevlar K29. This same material used for these cables manufacturing is also sued to make vehicle and body armors. Nomad has made use of the Kevlar to not only make a braided exterior of the ale but also to have the central internal core being made from this material. This would now make these charging cables to be the strongest in the world and hardly being able to break.

This new Kevlar design will be rolled out for Nomad’s entire lineup of the cables that will include 11 different cables of different lengths as well as a connector for the following.

USB Ports

  • USB-C to USB-C
  • USB-A to Lightning
  • Universal Cables

These above-sated cables will be included for a variety of the dongles.

Nomad Universal Charging cable

As for showing the strength of these newly designed cables, Nomad has made a video that they are able to tow not only people but also a van without snapping.

Nomad Charging Cable

The only problem with these new fortified charging cables is that they are hellishly pricy for a simple cable. The cheapest one of these Kevlar cables start at a price of 29.95 dollars and the most expensive one being 3 meters in length costs about 44.95 dollars. Still, Nomad has also added in a 5 years guarantee for these cables.

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