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Online store items that will change your life for the better

Everyone knows that online stores often offer really strange things: from flower pots with automatic waterers to teabag holders. Most of the time, these things are bought out of pure curiosity and they cost very little money. And you know what? Some of them, judging by the comments of the people who bought them, turn out to be quite useful.

We want you to take a look at these “inventions” and try to understand which of them are really useful and which are definitely not worth the money. Be careful: after reading this article, you might want to buy a plate with a mirror or soap made of metal!

So scroll down to look at these online store items that will change your life for the better.

Shaving pedestal; Made for Ladies but men can use it too

Shaving pedestal

Corner sink wash basin; believe me, I always wanted this thing for my sink

sink wash basin

Fruit and vegetable cutter; to be protected from those nasty knife cuts

Fruit and vegetable cutter

Strainer + spoon; tea is good but tea leaves are not good


Water draining dish rack; must have for every woman

Water draining

Special watermelon knife; a great idea

watermelon knife

A bowl for people trying to lose weight


Grinding soap dispenser; to save on the cost of liquid soap

Grinding soap dispenser

Clips for washing and drying socks; it’s about time, was sick of losing my sock in the washer

Clips for washing

Rotating wet and dry broom and dust pan

dust pan

Dual breakfast sandwich maker; now it will be breakfast time every time

Dual breakfast sandwich maker

A frying pan for waffles; especially for Waffle Lovers

frying pan

Stovetop pizza oven; A must have for every outdoor trip

Stovetop pizza oven

Clip-On strainer spout; for removing that extra grease from your meal

Clip-On strainer spout

Counter edge cutting board

cutting board

Mold for making ravioli, muffins, and dumplings


Stainless steel finger guard protector; another must have for ladies

Stainless steel

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