Oppo presents the world’s very first under-screen selfie camera

In the past few years, the major debate among the designs of smartphones has been all about the ways to increase the screen-to-body ratio as well as where to place the critical components on the devices that are entirely dominated by screens. The solution to this was to integrate these components directly into the screen which can be seen in forms of Fingerprint Sensors and now the selfie cameras are the next major advancement in the designs.

selfie camera

Oppo is the company that has been renowned for its experimentation related to display and the pop-up selfie cameras. And now Oppo has done it again as it presents to the world its very first Under-Screen Selfie camera which they unveiled at the MWC held in Shanghai earlier this week. In this event, Oppo also revealed a few of the information as to how this technology actually works.

According to Oppo, this display makes use of the custom made transparent material that works in accordance with a redesigned structure of pixels allowing the light to go through the camera. This sensor is said to be larger than any other selfie camera to date as it comes with a wider aperture lens located in the front. As for the area of the screen for the use of the camera still works with the help of touch control. Oppo also states that this will not compromise the display quality of the screen.

Oppo Front Camera

Despite their claims, Oppo also admitted to the fact that placing a screen in front of the camera will still reduce the photo quality a bit with problems in the following imaging properties.

  • Haze
  • Glare
  • Color cast

The company also stated that they have developed an algorithm for this issue and that it makes their smartphone to be on par with some of the more mainstream devices.

Under Display Selfie Camera

As for the launch date of the under-screen selfie camera device, Oppo says that it will be in the future. Oppo has a habit to first present a core technology of its own at a trade show and then launch it on its commercial products.

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