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Pause for a Moment to Take a Look at Some Mood-Boosting Shots

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius is known to have said, “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” It’s a well-known fact that we can control our mood by thinking positively. If you get tired or just feel sad, having a good laugh at some amusing pictures will cheer you up and give your thoughts a more positive direction.

We’ve collected a series of funny shots that are sure to elevate your mood.

They’re not that advanced

My nightmare

Even the bravest of the brave can get startled by a plush mouse toy.

Someone who consistently ruins the photos

Safety rules? What’s that?

The wrong way to install road signs

Welcome! Do enter the work zone!

Thanks for heads-up in BATHROOM

Don’t worry! I’ll hold the ladder

They had one job…

Those are cheap mice

No smoking while swimming!

“Ride a bicycle,” they said. “You’ll have no problem with parking,” they said.

Something is definitely out of place here.

When you have a small apartment but still want a piano

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