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People Failing at Technology Terribly It’s Impossible Not to Lau

Most of us surely remember helping our parents and grandparents solve technology related problems, because “you play on the computer all the time, so you must know everything about it”.

Sometimes though they fail at technology so hilariously that you just can’t resist sharing their mistakes with the “tech wise kids”.

We have collected such examples to remind that while our parents and grandparents may know much more than we, the younger generation do, when it comes to technology it’s us that come to the rescue.

Favorite websites of a Grandma

According to my grandma the outside clock was always telling the wrong time

How to zoom in for photos; Grandma Style

I just like having a physical copy

Just a friendly reminder

Lending a helpful hand

The first gaming headset

The bass is booming

Using an iPad as a phone. Umm…

The remote does not belong in the house phones charging dock.

Apparently, everything was moving backwards…

When they said clean up your computer, they didn’t mean take a shower head to the motherboard.

Mom asked why the computer was so slow

Her remote control was too confusing, honestly, the other buttons are useless.

Dad tried to fix it

Just gave up

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