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People having a really terrible day

There are truly some people in the world who see good in every disaster like “when they feel and break their arm or leg they say thank god didn’t break my neck”. Well these types of people are really rare.

S0oe people are just prone to bad luck and today we have gathered a list of such people who are really having a bad day. These people are definitely not ok with all the bad things that are happening to them.

Scroll down to look t the hilarious misery of these people who were just having a terrible day. Some of them might seem a little cruel while some might seem a little too hilarious.

Spent whole day making this; at least someone his having a good day

good day

Candles are not always romantic sometimes they can be disastrous


I hope she knows that laptops are not waterproof


They said, Get a Cat they are lovely animals; thanks for nothing


This man got stuck in hotel showers for 3 hours; how in the hell does a grown ass man end up in this situation

hotel showers

Menace of the Fine Print


9-year-old girl shut her middle finger in the car door, it’s not broken, but the x-ray will live in infamy


When the crash steals your face

crash steals

When you are out of fortune


This is just delaying the inevitable


When you over dry the clothes in dryer


A midnight snack can be disastrous too


When you live near the forest; Halloween decorations got eaten by a moose


When mom pushes random buttons in car

buttons in car

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