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People Making Silly Mistakes without Even Realizing It

In the 1860s, Russia sold off the Alaska region to America for a mere 2 cents per acre which turned out to be one of the greatest mistakes in history. America made more than 100 times the profit on the land over the next 50 years.

Well, everyone makes silly mistakes that they’re not proud of, and we’ve created a list of some mistakes that were captured on camera and put online.

We don’t think he realized he’d be filmed from this angle

Girlfriend didn’t want to lose her keys so she did this

This should work

This is also a form of gas, right?

This mom doesn’t understands how her new rice cooker works

This is why you shouldn’t park on the beach

You had one job

The carpenter was having a bad day

Only one spot left to paint now

Perfect bench placement

What were these girls at IKEA thinking?

This Mom thought she bought a map of the world

Well there life sucks today

if you’ve written this sign, there may no longer be any hope left for you

When you have two solutions to your problem that are literally attached to your head!

Just trying to keep up with the times, right?

SO close

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