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People shared photos of their unusual body parts, and the internet is dumbfounded

Differences are what make us unique and this also includes having unusual body parts. Not even the celebrities are an exception of sometimes having unusual boy parts. Some big names in Hollywood like Harry Styles, Bradley Cooper, and Mark Walberg all suffer from a rare deformity of having more than 2 nipples.

Now thanks to the magic of the internet, people from all across the world can share the stories about their different and unusual body parts.

Today we have collected some images of the most surprising and unusual body parts that you need to see to believe.

So scroll down to look at the photos People shared of their unusual body parts at which the internet is dumbfounded.

Holt—Oram syndrome; it can cause people to lack bones in their hands and arms

Oram syndrome

Triphalangeal thumbs; Some people have extra bones, making their thumbs resemble the other fingers

Triphalangeal thumbs

Even eyes can carry scars, to tell the truth, they do look cool


This will go great with the color of Red Wine

Red Wine

As it turns out, big toes do not actually have to be big

big toes

Some people are born with multiple pupils

multiple pupils

Heterochromia causes people to have different colored eyes and it looks pretty mesmerizing


Polydactyly is a condition that causes some people to have more toes than usual


Ashton Kutcher also has webbed feet

Ashton Kutcher

Evita Delmundo is a social media icon with over 50,000 Instagram followers, not to mention a contestant for Miss Universe Malaysia 2018; she has moles on every part of her body

Evita Delmundo

Albinism cause some people to have purple eyes

purple eyes

Waardenburg syndrome causes some people to have brilliantly blue eyes and white hair

Waardenburg syndrome

Some people are born without a pinky finger

pinky finger

This baby has 15 fingers and 16 toes


Poliosis causes a white mark in the hair, in addition to changes in skin color


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