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People Spreading Kindness Around the World, Giving Hope That Not All Is Lost

There is a saying that, “One act of kindness is enough to make the world a better place for everyone to live in”. Well, we agree with this phrase we are still in a little disagreement. There is no such thing as little act of kindness. Kindness is immeasurable. Any good action done with a good of heart can be the best moment of the lives of the one who performed it and the one to whom it is performed.

We also believe in kindness and its power and this is why we have made a list of photos of people spreading their own kindness and they never ask for anything in rerun.

So scroll down to look at these people spreading kindness around the world, giving hope that not all is lost.

Ken’s kindness toward stray animals touched people all over the world and they helped him open a shelter for homeless animals by donating money.

Someone in my neighborhood has a mini library open to anyone

A kind neighbor raked a pile of leaves and invited people to jump into it

Someone sacrificed their umbrella to prevent this cat from getting wet

This boy is giving out lemonade for free on a hot day

This man sells pizza to the needy for just $1

Bikers are escorting a boy with Down syndrome on his first day at school

This definitely restores faith in humanity

This man had 2 extra tickets to a football match. He presented them to these boys instead of selling them

A donkey rescued from a flood smiles at its rescuers

A police officer talking to a teenager suffering from autism that wanted to commit suicide

I found this on my windshield

My daughter asked me if she could sell her stuffed animals and donate the money to our local shelter for animals. Of course, I let her

A small sofa was placed in a bookshop for an old lady. She visits the shop to read books quite often

This pastor cheers everyone up in the mornings

Ryan Reynolds meeting with children from the Make-a-Wish and Children’s Wish Foundations on the set of Deadpool 2

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