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People Who Are Having a Worse Day than You

Having a rough Monday? Well, we’re about to give you a little bit of comfort. We have put together of list of people who are having a pretty bad Monday. And by pretty bad, we mean a porcupine falling from a tree to your head bad. Or having paint spill literally all over your car. Yeah, not really the best way to start the week. But hey, at least it gives us comfort.

Stuck in bus — literally!

Skipped order

Just don’t pour a bucket of alcohol on him, and he is okay

Apparently, they are not amused anymore

C’mon, everyone knows this only works in movies

I wonder how far he got before he noticed

Touché, sign

When you spend 30 minutes in line only to drop your ice cream a minute later

He dropped it

Only realized after the flash

Yes, this is snow

Losing with just one number

Oh No

The perfect family photo that turned into a disaster

When D.I.Y turns horribly wrong

Automobile Design Fail

Waiting and then…BAMMMM!!!

This mug lover

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