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People Who Have No Idea What the Heck Happened to Them

Every one of us has had a day when everything went wrong. The kind where from the very first moment, it seems like nothing could improve our mood. But it’s when things are going terribly, that some of the funniest moments happen. It’s always important to remember to laugh!

We have put together some photos of unexpected failures that are incredibly hard to ever forget.

When something you adore hurts you a lot:

Just hung my bananas on a special fruit holder

Take your umbrella,’ they said. There was a downpour!

When you lie on your CV but still get the job

Real Titanic moment

Too fast, too furious..

This mushroom just grows from my ceiling

Let’s just go get a beer

Just scrape this ice off my windscreen

Just wanted to have a cup of cocoa

That’s just irresponsible

Superb designing

Plane engine went hurling into a man’s house after a crash

Were they parking or what?

Mistakes were made.

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