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People who have reached epic level of foolishness

We can all admit to the fact that we have all done something pretty stupid and foolish in our life for once. It can be as simple as pranking a college friend or can be as extreme as peeing in the bed of your sibling or your friend to just make them feel crazy. However today we have compiled a list of people who have clearly taken it too far on the level of foolishness.

The list contains a father who dressed his son into a Marlboro packet to simply a man getting his finer stuck on to a restaurant wall with decorative holes. Many times you are going to question these people’s common sense as if they have any. Scroll down to look at this list of funny people who have reached an epic level of foolishness with their silly acts.

Bad influence starts at early age and this dad is clearly a bad influence

Bad influence

Grown men can really be this much stupid

Grown men

Should you be helping me out instead of shoving a Mic in my mouth

shoving a Mic

Varnish done; commencing Vanish now


He is clearly ahead of fashion


So wrong; so very wrong

So wrong

Look people a marvel of modern science; W simply vanishes in shadow

modern science

Frankenstein of fashion


Forget the arm; just kill the spider


Once again lady Gaga proved that she has no fashion sense

lady Gaga

Innovative idea for runny nose

Innovative idea

Stand clear Genius at work

clear Genius

Accident waiting to explode into a disaster


When you just don’t have enough budget

enough budget

Ah miss…look below


What can go wrong!


Another genius at work


When you have one too many beers on family reunion

family reunion

Yes that ought to hold it down


So much idiocy in one picture


Reporter; How did this happen?… Man; I was just looking for a better view


This is how downloading was done in old days


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