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People who make weird look normal

In the words of the Weirdest Queen of all; Lady gaga, “it is okay to be weird. Your weird may be my normal but who’s to say. In my opinion it’s an attitude.”  What she is trying to say in this one weird A** saying is that being weird is only a subjective thing. Each one of us is weird in their own self. We are all so different from each other that the word Weird actually loses its own meaning.

If every one of us and everything is normal then it is going to be a very dull world. In the essence of this weirdness we present to you a list of people who are actually making weird things look normal.

Scroll down to look at these people who make weird look normal and we absolutely admire their weirdness. Oh God too much weirdness in one weird line.

We’ve never seen chickens this happy.


No extra helmet? No worries


Spending some quality time with mom


This way sleepy time becomes a game

sleepy time

Starbucks new special; Beans in a Cup


When out of plates for dinner; improvise


2 cups and not a mouth in sight


It works with all kinds of lenses.


Try, try, and try until you succeed


Just like hanging your purse


Private property; No entry allowed

Private property

Wheelbarrow Chair; might not be the most comfortable, but it will do

Wheelbarrow Chair

All suited up for an important business meeting

business meeting

If you could avoid the awkwardness, it’s actually a great idea to protect the car from rain

protect the car

Amphibious Cycle; who says technology is costly?

Amphibious Cycle

Mud or not; water is water and its precious

water is water

When you love to surf but live too far from ocean

love to surf

Only sun is missing or it would be like a normal beach day

normal beach

What Hawaiians lock at stands!


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