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People who nailed the uncomfortable situations in a genius manner

They say that a person has 1 in a 3000 time chance to get struck by lightning. In our opinion if you are unlucky enough to be in this kind of situation, you have a 90 percent chance of surviving through this. We always tend to look at the sliver of silver lining in the cloudy days.

While luck can only have certain impact on one’s life and not all people can be lucky enough to make it through these uncomfortable situations of life, they make use of the thing residing right in their body’s upper storey. Yes they make use of that tenant named BRAIN living rent free on the pent house of your body.

For our readers today we have decided to introduce to you a group of such geniuses who used their wits to make it through uncomfortable situations.

Scroll down to look at some of these people who nailed the uncomfortable situations in a genius manner.

Need to eat the fast food but flood hits the town…No problem now


This innovation caused this barber shop to make a fortune

barber shop

He believes in his data cable’s strength more than I believe in my future

data cable

This dude bought snorkel for one purpose; to take naps in the pool


This right here is a billion dollar idea

billion dollar idea

Katie is ruthless


When your mom told you to have an omelet for breakfast but pizza is love:


How Asian grandmas binge-watch a TV series

TV series

There is a saying that your body is your best weapon.


This right here is the future of reporting

future of reporting

Necessity is the mother of invention

mother of invention

To avoid ruining your brand new shoes

new shoes

Killing 2 birds with 1 stone


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