People who should be ban from using photoshop

Photoshop is a program that has a lot of resources not only for professional designers but also for non-professional creative people. This software becomes a great tool for self-expression in the hands of amateurs, which often leads to something so crazy that it’s hard to even imagine.

We have collected a few people who should be fined by the creators of Photoshop for the pictures they created.

So scroll on to look at these masterpieces from people who should be ban from using photoshop.

How did a kiss end up like this


First photoshop the kid away in the background


This guy suffered immensely at the hands of photoshoppers


This is what happens when you have a lot of free time after not going for the third term of the Presidency


This one seems to enjoy combining animals and is clearly pretty BAD at it

combining animals

Can you guess who was photoshopped in the picture?


Does Mr. Potter have his key?

Mr. Potter

Just a cat, sunbaking…


Photoshopper this is exactly the amount of coffee you need


Right where it should be


Working out shows its results


Looks like it’s raining cats today


Why did you decide to get this tattoo? This is why!


One little detail can change the entire tone of the movie


How do you like this contemporary art?

contemporary art?

What the hell, this one should be permanently banned


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