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Perfectly Placed Googly Eyes That Made the World “Br-eye-ghter”

What is one thing on this planet that can make ANYTHING look better? Yes, the answer is googly eyes! Eye stickers on your cat’s butt, eye stickers on a coffee machine, eye stickers on the tube of mayo… They make the otherwise ‘dead’ objects come alive. One simple sticky touch and the world looks like a much better place to be. Ok, but enough of googly praise – check it out for yourself.

Extremely fun Xbox

Have a laugh while changing diapers of your baby

Earthquake detection kit that is surprised of their own capability

I laughed so hard at this Lion Statue’s shocked face

An extra serious Liam Neeson

Sleep soundly like a dolphin with one eye open

He actually looks more Gangsta

When the teacher asks for the homework that you didn’t do

An improved Version of Possession

Whatcha doin!

Vomiting Pies

Now you know how the wilderness looks

The fridge lacked personality

The noble raptor

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