Perfectly Timed Shots That Stir Up a Rush of Emotions

Some people have great luck because as soon as they touch a camera for taking photographs, something really unbelievable happens. While some are lucky, others are able to see something unusual in ordinary things. Whatever might be the reason, these photos are really rare. If you don’t think so, then how often have you seen a bald eagle landing on someone’s arm or how many of you have ever seen a dancing husky?

This and many more, today we have collected a list of perfectly timed photos that seem like they have been photoshopped.

So scroll down to look at these perfectly timed shots that stir up a rush of emotions.

Her parents just wanted a cute photo


Dancing Husky

Dancing Husky

When you regret getting on the ride


Trying to catch the flight


A bald eagle lands on a fan during a college football game

football game

A man admiring the Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

I was chosen at the pet store today

pet store

Moose looks like he belongs on a wanted poster


Describe your cat in one picture


A bee tried to collect pollen from the flower on my daughter’s dress


My eggs look like they are frowning back at me


Taking off in a minute

Taking off

Someone texted me as I was photographing this clock, giving it a Salvador Dali effect


Tried taking a wide-angle selfie, and spawned a twin


It’s 45ºC here in Australia today and my mom put some wet towels outside, so the bees can drink


The sediment from this chemical reaction looks like a marshy forest

marshy forest

Lobster print vs. Stranger’s bigger lobster print

Lobster print

Seagull foot on the sunroof


A photographer caught this deer smiling


This frog sitting on a windshield


Being a pilot in northern Canada has its perks

northern Canada

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