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Phenomenal People Who Just Don’t Care Anymore

From time to time we all meet people who do something strange and just don’t care about other’s reactions. But there are some people whose “I don’t care” level is extremely high. These people decide to wash their car during a hurricane or continue hanging out after their car sank.

We have gathered funny pictures of people that kept calm in crazy situations.

Clearly a Hello Kitty fan

She grew that belly for comfier rides

The crazy couple who will stay put on vacation to get their money’s worth

If only the customers of this restaurant could see this

Nice Birthday decorations

An avid smoker makes an ashtray out of everything

Still a 90’s kid

No natural calamity can stop this guy from chilling out

Toys are for playing; the last thing he said before getting thrown out

The baby who does not care about zombies

When you are used to relaxing on the balcony every single day

Embarrassing his calling; the Melon Head

Screw parking

Game is the most important thing

Casual Friday at Subway

Let me finish this beer first

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