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Philippines passes a new Student Law that needs student to plant 10 trees each for graduating to help the environment

The younger generations of today are getting more and more concerned about an issue such as environmental changes and the pollution caused by them. It makes sense because these generations are the ones that are going to live in the world of tomorrow. This is the reason to encourage more and more young people in taking care of the environment, new initiatives are being started to make use of these young individuals to help in saving the Earth. While they are not the ones who ruined the environmental, they are going to be the hope and the ones who are going to save it one day.

Earlier in May of 2019, the Congress of the Philippines passed a new student law which requires every new student to plant at least 10 trees each for graduating from the school education.

This law dictates that the law is applicable to all the students who need to graduate from primary school, the high school or the college.

The man behind the passing of this bill is Gary Alejano, a member of the Philippine Congress.

As per Gary, the purpose of passing this law was to raise the responsibility for future generations along with the protection of the environment.

Gary talks about the build saying, “While we are recognizing that it is the right of the youth to have a healthy and balanced ecology, we should not ignore the fact that they also need to contribute towards ensuring that this healthy ecology is going to be a reality.”

With this bill passing, nearly 755 million trees have been planted across the Philippines is far.

According to Gary, even if about 10 percent of these planted trees are to survive, this is going to result in nearly 525 million trees to remain in the course of only a single generation.

Although this is one great initiative started by a Congress of a country, other such underprivileged countries are also starting their own initiative.

For example, a school in India has started an initiative that dictates that the students of the school should pay their school fees by means of collecting the recyclable plastic waste spread all across the town and to bring it to school. This kind of initiative is really helpful in raising awareness among the generations living in Asian countries about the harms of plastic waste. With this initiative, more and more students are able to get education and also a means to earn some money by collecting plastic waste. This is putting an end to the child labor culture in the town.

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