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Photographer Takes Pictures of An Orangutan Helping A Forest Warden In A Jungle In Borneo

Not too long ago a man named Anil Prabhakar who happens to be an amateur photographer by profession took pictures of a very surprising sight in a conservation forest located in Borneo. He was on a safari trip with his friends when he stumbled upon a forest warden who was clearing snakes from rivers, which are the enemies of the Orangutans. Just as Anil Prabhakar was preparing to take pictures of the Forest Warden, he saw an Orangutan reaching out his big hand towards the forest warden as if he wanted to help him out of the river.

Anil Prabhakar immediately took pictures of that compassionate sight and after he posted them, these photos went viral quickly.


Prabhakar said, “Someone had told the forest warden that there were snakes in that area of the river. The warden went there for clearing out the bushes. One of the Orangutans from nearby came at the bank of the river and watched the warden as he was clearing the bushes. The Orangutans then came closer to the warden and then gave him his hand.”


The photographer said that the forest warden did not take the hand of the orangutan because he could not risk touching any unfamiliar wild animal. He said, “The warden simply moved away from the orangutan. I asked him why and he replied, ‘It is a wild animal and it is not one that we are familiar with.’ But these workers of the conservation are still there to protect them all.”


The forest warden who was involved in this one of a kind encounter works for an NGO named Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. He works there with nearly 400 other employees and their job is the protection of the orangutan habitat which is greatly threatened due to the fast-paced deforestation.


The foundation as founded back in 1991 and they are currently taking care of nearly 650 orangutans.


As for the snake species in the tropical rainforests of Borneo, there are 160 of them and many of them are natural enemies of Orangutans. For protecting these Orangutans, the workers of the organization clear the rivers from these snakes and also teach these Orangutans for being wary of all the possible dangers they might encounter in the forest.


For teaching the Orangutans about the snakes, workers sue the rubber snakes. These teachings are often given to the orphaned Orangutans.

 The video where the workers teach the cute looking Orangutans about snakes is below.

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