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Photographic Proofs That Life Hits Where It Hurts

According to the theory of psychology, whenever we feel down, we tend to drag other people down with us. By doing this cruel thing, we let ourselves feel better. However, the people in our list seem to have disturbed the Lady Luck itself. This is why they are having such a bad day.

We do not have anything with the bullying but we do believe in a little friendly laughter once in a  while. Laughter is something that will get you through even the bad situations that heroes of our article found themselves. What do you think? Is laughter a great remedy for feeling down or what?

Scroll down to look at these phototrophic proofs that life hits where it hurts.

This will teach you not to take food pictures for Instagram

You’re not going anywhere, man

So my sister got her allergy test done and she was allergic to everything they tested for. Her worst reaction was to horses

So this actually just happened at my aunt’s house

I attended a training event on trauma today. However, it was this sight that traumatized me all day:

Perfect grilled cheese sandwich…nevermind

Well, now we know the Star of David works

He looks devastated…

I was always against ripped jeans

A second before…

Pretty sure my mom thinks she’s charging it…

Bubblegum blanket!

It was designed, made, processed, shipped, received, and installed — and no one noticed something was a little bit off?

Oh, look, a lemon…

I never thought I’d be scared of chocolate chip cookies…

My friend wanted to go to the Night of Museums but couldn’t leave his dog alone…

What a strange grocery choice…

Was this his punishment?

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