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Photos by A Photographer of the Bizarre Iridescent Clouds Over The Skies In Siberia Have Gone Viral

About 20 year ago a woman named Svetlana Kazina left her job she had been doing in the city and decided to follow her true calling which was Nature. She took her 2 kids and relocated to a mountain village named Uznezya which is located in the region of Altai Krai; sharing the brooder of Kazakhstan. She lived there in a hut which was built 7 decades prior to they moved in it. The hut did not have any heating systems, no toilet, and not even the running water. But what this hut could give them was that the City Life could never give them. It was the peace of mind and harmony with nature.

As the time passed, these mountains have become the natural habitat of Svetlana. But she is not simply gazing into the nature all by herself. She is also sharing her experiences and the beauty of nature with rest of the world with her stunning photography.

In Svetlana’s recent trip to the highest peak of Serbia, she captured some amazing photographs. While she was exploring the mountains near the Belukha Mountain, she was able to capture a stunning optical and colorful phenomenon which is named Cloud Iridescence. This phenomenon is caused when the small drops of water or ice crystals in the air scatter the light individually.


Svetlana said, “I often take trips to Belukha Mountain because I really love the region and the entire Katun Ridge.”

The trip is very tiring and long but it does not stop her from enjoying this beauty of nature. She said, “From the place where I live, t is a 1 day trip on a car from the nearby village after which the roads ends. The next 2 days journey is to be completed either on horses or on foot that leads to the Ak-Kem valley. From this valley, there is another 1 day trip to the Belukha Mountain.”


“This mountain is not only the highest peak in the entire Serbia, but it is also a natural monument as well as a shrine to the Altai Mountains. I love this mountain for its uncommon power and beauty.”


“I was able to capture the Cloud Iridescence phenomena on one frosty morning of winter season while I was standing on the frozen up Ak-Kem Lake. In these mountains, the Cloud Iridescence is a common natural phenomenon. For getting the formation of these clouds much clear, I use the polarizing filter.”


She used her Nikon D850 which was paired with the Nikkor 28-300 lens for capturing these stunning pictures of the natural phenomenon.


While Svetlana has made this Cloud Iridescence phenomenon much visible in her photos, the natural phenomenon is still visible to the naked eye. But when the clouds get too close to the Sun, such bright colors are not easy to see.


After Svetlana had taken pictures with her cameras, she placed them down and took one final shot with her phone. kazina.sveta

She said, “It was the mother of a pearl cloud which remained colorful for about whole 1 hour. As the Sun sank behind in the horizon, the colors of it grew in intensity.”


This is the picture of the Belukha Mountain in all of its natural glory and beauty.


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