Photos of the upcoming new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite leaked

The upcoming new smartphone by Samsung Company is known as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has seen its fair share of leaks as they made it all onto the internet for the fans to see. However, lately, a tech media group named Tech TalkTV on the social media platform twitter took things further regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. What they did was to reveal the photos of the actual real smartphone itself.

Given the fact that the seemingly official renders of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have already been leaked and made it to the internet, there is not much new here in the leaked pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 device. Still, these new leaked photos of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are much better to identify a few of the features of the new device that is soon going to be launched. Few of these new features include a triple-lens rectangular camera on the device’s back.

Thee leaked photos also give the viewers a better glimpse of Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s LCD panel that is going to be used in these smart devices. This LCD panel is a marked change for Samsung from their curved edge-to-edge displays that have been the flagship feature for all of the Samsung smartphones. It is presumed that this new display panel is going to help the consumers save costs as a cheap alternative to Samsung’s currently popular Note 10.

Despite the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 making the camera debut in these leaked photos, there is still not much known about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Information like what kind of specs will this new phone have or how much it is going to cost is all the information that is under wraps. What is known at the time is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will make its debut on the next week’s CES 2020 where people will get to know more about this phone.

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