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Photos That Can’t Be Explained By Logic

Agatha Christie, the famous English Writer, used to say that every person should make their own mistakes at least once in their own life. Well, she does not need to say this because people today make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes these people make are actually so dumb that they cannot even be explained by common sense or any logic.

Today we have collected a few of the funny examples of the situations where people actually did not use their common sense.

So scroll down to look for yourself at these photos that can’t be explained by logic.

My boyfriend brought me back a jar of seashells from his spring break trip to Florida, and I don’t know how to tell him that some are pistachio shells


Look what this dog got himself into this morning


This person needs to be isolated from society


This cat is dumb but still adorable


This is probably the only aircraft crash where a helicopter never returned to the ground.

aircraft crash

Someone really regrets his decisions


This is a case where you need to reconsider what you want to do in life


Thanks for making it crystal clear!

crystal clear

My hubby tried to bake cookies tonight…on a cooling rack

bake cookies

He thinks this painting is a window


The moment people realized they were dating an idiot!




My girlfriend’s avocado-cutting skills…


She tried her best


Hung the photo, Boss


Caught my girlfriend eating these ’Christmas cookies.’ They’re dog treats.

Christmas cookies

My husband tried cutting his hair by himself


Fixed the clock, Boss!


It’s good to have the internet here while I’m waiting


Yeah, that’s genius.


My boyfriend found a pad in my room and thought it was a present, so he put it under my Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Check if you have the necessary vents before you use concrete


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A French Bookstore Is Mixing Customer’s Faces With Book Covers, and the Results Are Amazingly Good

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