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Photos That Prove ‘Growing a Beard Changes Everything’

A beard is something that gets the attention towards a man nowadays. According to a research study, bearded men are considered to be more trustworthy than the beardless men. Men with beards also seem to be more competent and more attractive too. They say that bearded job applicants actually have more expertise in their field when compared with the clean shaved ones.

Today we have gathered a list of most amazing before and after beard transformations that might really give you a surprise or even a motivation to grow your own beard.

So scroll down to look at these photos that prove ‘growing a beard changes everything’.

Is this the same man?

same man

A 2-month journey from a kid to a devil’s advocate


Having a beard that suits you is all that matters


A 6-month result of trying something new


How do you like this transformation?


A Redditor’s comment: “If you ever shave again, I will personally hunt you down and slap the beard back onto you again.”


From a boy to a man


Thank you for wearing the same clothes, James Middleton. The only way to understand it’s the same person is by seeing both these photos

James Middleton

Is it legal?


Which look suits him better: before or after?


Mother of mustache!


Here is one more example of a good decision

good decision

The beard gods have blessed you


It is time to stop complaining that women have make-up to use


Don’t ever go back!


He was stopped at customs at the border because they did not believe he was the beardless guy in my passport


How are you the same person?

same person

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Lucas Levitan, A Brazilian artist adds his drawings to Instagram users’ photos, and the results are hilarious

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