Photos that prove Karma really strikes at unexpected moment

Sometimes our life presents us with really weird scenarios. The heroes of today’s article have faced a crocodile on their way to work and dealt with mail delivery that can’t seem to avoid bringing undamaged packages. These people don’t get upset and instead share their unlucky moments with the whole world.

We invite you to have a look at people whose wheel of fortune doesn’t want to turn in their favor.

Scroll down to look at these pictures that prove Karma strikes people at unexpected moments.

This is no brick; its Karma waiting to strike


When you have got no room for an error


Opossum bit the man when he was trying to take a letter. Now he has a phobia of mailboxes and a pile of antibiotics

Opossum bit

When your navigator is the embodiment of Karma and wants to F with you


So my new monitor arrived today


Yes! My package finally arrived! I can’t wait to take it home and see what’s inside!


Karma really struck here good


When you’re against haircuts; but can’t do anything to stop it


When you really tried but life is just against you


When it seems your dishwasher practices demonic arts

demonic arts

If Thor comes by looking for his hammer; tell him I got it


When nature takes it upon itself that it’s your time for dieting


When your keys conspire against you in your own pocket


She wanted to play on daddy’s laptop; Literally

daddy's laptop

Received my diploma today from mail


When the Karma says “Dead End”

Dead End

Is this a bad omen?

bad omen

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