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Photos that prove ‘Mother Nature has endless power’

Back in March of 2011, a picture was taken when a tsunami wave hit the city of Miyako in Japan. The picture when posted on the internet became quickly viral. This picture has become a symbol for the merciless and endless power of Mother Nature. This also represents that fact that no matter how much advanced we have become in our various fields of life, we are still helpless in front of nature.

At the same time, it is also amazing as to how nature can embody both the calmness and destruction at the same time with its natural elements. Mother Nature from time to time reminds us with her power with disasters like volcanoes eruptions, tsunamis, typhoons and beehives of intricate shape amongst other things in its arsenal of destruction.

Today for our readers we have collected a series of photographs that clearly depicts the power of Mother Nature.

Scroll down to look for yourself at these photos that prove ‘Nature has endless power’.

Tsunami Wave hitting the city of Miyako in Japan in March 2011


Volcanic eruption accompanied by powerful lightning. Cordón Caulle, Chile


Victoria Amazonica, the giant water lily with the largest flower in the world

giant water lily

Crown shyness is a phenomenon in which crowns of trees do not touch each other and form a dome with channel-like gaps

Crown shyness

An enormous wave of hundreds of feet high crashing on to a military vessel

enormous wave

Aerial photography view of the lava flow of the Kilauea volcano in Big Island, Hawaii, USA

lava flow

A beautiful lightning strike

lightning strike

A shelf cloud wrapping around the base of the storm


Aurora borealis; sometimes referred to as polar lights, northern lights or southern lights

Aurora borealis

Power and grace embodied

grace embodied

Tree trapped in ice


Beehives take the most intricate shapes and occupy the most unexpected places


It’s unbelievable, but it’s just the root of one tree


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