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Photos That Will Satisfy Your Inner Perfectionist

Everyone has their own personal idea of what perfection is. Someone might find perfection in color coded and organized office supplies. Others might find perfection in shadows that align themselves with the pavement. Whatever it is you find perfection in, it usually brings you an odd feeling of satisfaction that nothing else can give you.

Whether you’re a perfectionist or not, these photos will somehow visually satisfy you. There’s just something about seeing something that looks absolute or complete that makes a person feel whole.

The arrangement of these bubbles looks like Europe and Asia

Perfectly smooth pancakes

This carpet and this dog were made for each other

Oh, you are square, aren’t you, watermelons

Thank you for your service, tube

Perfect snowball

The sun perfectly engulfed within a thumb and finger while its rays shine through

A bush’s roots growing out perfectly aligned against the floor’s tiles

A layer of the ocean’s water perfectly caught on camera as it’s making a wave

Cat sleeping in a perfect fur ball like state

Perfectly lined flower petals

Perfectly planted rows of trees

Parallel parking champion

The moment when this happened

Symmetry Breakfasts

40,000 LEDs and The perfect tree

The bird flying directly below a plane

The most wonderful book arrangement

Natural Geometry

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