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Photos that yell out loud ‘it’s all about timing’

A play of light and shadow, shapes, and imagination can turn regular photos into masterpieces. You won’t be able to forget living dinosaurs, levitating glasses, and a long cat even you find out what’s going on behind the scenes in these pics.

We have collected photos creating incredible effects that puzzle our minds.

So scroll down to look at these photos that yell out loud ‘it’s all about timing’. You can even take some of the ideas to create your own unique pieces of master photography.

This long cat is actually two kittens at a pet store sleeping


Some perfect reflection of lighting has made this glass to look like its floating


It looks like the T-Rex is really hungry and has munchies for s’mores


This is what we call a happy vacation


A pigeon Poop Art; artist Pigeon da Vinci

pigeon Poop Art

Breaking news; beware of the giant Black Kitty roaming the city streets

Black Kitty

A little bit of creativeness and right angle makes this dog look like a T-Rex


She might be a cat but her spirit is Giant Rat

Giant Rat

They do not know yet, but this is going to be the best shot of their life


Doesn’t it look like that this seat has little legs

little legs

A mysterious breed of levitating horses

mysterious breed

Dog’s ear looks like a smaller version of herself

Dog’s ear

Thanks to the reflection in the window, this pillar looks transparent


Ducks are now growing in gardens


Cloud that looks like a howling wolf

howling wolf

A sweet strawberry thumbs up


Yes, there’s a bear at this wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony

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