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Photos That’ll Make You Scream WTH! Directly At Your Screen

People do all sorts of crazy things. However sometimes they take their absurdity to whole another level. Today we present to you a list of photos of people who are either doing crazy things or have already done them that will make you scream directly at the screen the three magic words; WHAT THE HELL. Scroll down and see for yourself.

A raw chicken making its way through airport security

The person who parked a car on to their balcony

The glasses that end up inside; don’t ask from where

This family for putting a trampoline on roof of a building

What in the actual hell kind of a rule is this

This man with OCD for windows

Aftermath of a bad hailstorm

The elevator door for a bathroom stall

This hidden urinal supposedly for SPYS

Man’s had a heart-attack, but first, let me take a selfie

This day old chick on a stick

This can’t be legal

Why, just why?

Blades of Steel

Noodle Arms

Schnappi? What are you doing here?!

Anybody know Parseltongue?

Oh God make it stop!

This nightmare of an escalator

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