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Pictures that left us baffled as if they are silly or genius

Now that cameras are ever-present, photographs of ordinary people going about their daily lives have become bountiful. While most of them might show ordinary situations, some of them capture the work of comic geniuses.

Today we curated a new list of pictures that will leave you rolling in the aisles thinking about their ingenuity.

So scroll down to look at these pictures Pictures that left us baffled as if they are silly or genius.

Engineers: “So do you want a car or a motorcycle?” Audi: “Yes.”


These Rare Unicorn shoes

Unicorn shoes

Part of a 6-year-old’s balanced breakfast




The devil might be working hard but those little hairs are working harder overtime


Farmers are people too, Even they need a nice Tinder profile picture

Tinder profile picture

Ingenious repurposing of a women’s undergarment


Clearly a skateboard fan

skateboard fan

And this one’s a surfboard fan

surfboard fan

So good that you can’t let go


Hot tub party in Boiler pot

Boiler pot

Looks like someone’s in the wrong line of work


This washing machine looks confused and exhausted

washing machine

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