Pictures that prove not all heroes wear capes or do they!

The word superhero is so familiar to our ears because we were all born in the great age of technology even for those of 90’s era. We all had a great chance to see our favorite superheroes character come to life on our TV screens from their once comic book pages.

What is the one thing that is nearly common in all superheroes? Yes, they do possess superpowers but what’s that other thing? Yeah, they wear capes with their unique costumes when fighting crime.

However today we ring to you a list of hilarious pictures that prove not all superheroes need capes or do they?!

Well, they need it or not these are some badass people who are doing some pretty great stuff in real life.

So scroll down to look at this of Pictures that prove not all superheroes need capes.

Superhero of the classroom


Superhero Friendman; his power available for fiends 24/7

Superhero Friendman

If carrying these much pizzas a superpower and I think it is; he is the best Superhero out there


Airport Hero; solves your battery charging problems

Airport Hero

The next level would be to bring toilet paper

toilet paper

I’ve carried chalk in my car for 10 months just so I could do this once. Finally, that day came

my car

True love from Super Dad

Super Dad

The man who sleeps well at night; a hero who does not require praises


Every market needs this Cart-Man


I know a hero when I see one


The delivery guy got stuck on a flooded road, but still saved the pizza; a hero we all need

delivery guy

That backflip tho


Not all heroes wear capes… but some actually do

heroes wear capes

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