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Pictures That Satisfy the Inner Perfectionist in All of Us

These photos of symmetry and order are appealing to humans and animals alike. Both in society and in the wild, organisms that are “more symmetrical” have a better chance at finding a mate than those who don’t. Some speculate that this is one way of identifying a healthy partner.

The appeal of symmetry in art or inanimate objects is harder to explain. Harvard mathematician George Birkhoff developed the formula M = O/C to evaluate the aesthetic qualities of art, and even wrote a book on the topic titled Aesthetic Measure in 1933. He believed that the more ordered and the less complex something was, the more beautiful it would seem.

Do these images of symmetry satisfy your need for order?

Raw Food Cut into Perfect Cubes

Not a pepper out of place.

Perfect Bowl of Kittens

Perfect Coffee

Perfectly arranged Plums

Camouflaged Shoes

Shadow Lines Up Perfectly With the Sidewalk

Pyrite in its natural rocky form

Perfect sale & purchase

Once-in-a-lifetime moisturizing experience

Sprinkle of the satisfaction

Pasta Synchronized Perfectly In The Pan Whilst Cooking

Perfectly peeled orange

An unusually Yellow banana

A bartender who just gets it right

Beauty of a brand new jar of Peanut Butter

Best bologna sandwich ever

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