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Pictures that seem photoshopped but actually are not

For those who spend quite a lot of time on web they seem to develop a little bit of skepticism for everything they see online. The mind is set to phrase “Don’t believe everything you see”. This is true to some extent as nowadays things can be presented in completely different angle with help of little photoshop.

Today for our readers we have gathered a list of bizarre pictures that actually look to be Photoshopped but in reality they are 100 percent real. Some of these pictures are a result of a happy coincidence or some exotic locations that we were unaware of. Some of these are arts and some are just the result of an unexpected disaster. Whatever the reason may be these pictures will truly test your limits of human comprehension but be reminded that they are quite real. So scroll down for yourself to look at these mind boggling pictures that seem to be photoshopped but actually are not.

At first glance it seems a real Tyrannosaur is on fire but it’s actually it is a museum fire accident

This is after an earthquake in Taiwan

This seems like photoshopped but are actually Trees in Schonbrunn Park

A utility pole actually burned down from below

Hausmannian Building on Georges V Ave. in Paris; just looking at it is making me drunk

These things are actually birds flying in a Tornado like shape

Photo taken after 3 hours of a tree being struck by real lightening from sky

Real art of architecture; Viaduct in South England, UK

A real Pink Grasshopper

These trees are real; it happened after a toxic waste spill in Western Hungary

A real life scene from movie “UP”; scientists, engineers and balloon pilots made it happen with 300 weather balloons

Real Footsteps of Dinosaurs in Argentina

Train tracks after an earthquake hit the area

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