Pictures that will make you uncomfortable at first glance

When doing things like cutting a cake in perfectly proportioned line or filling out a coloring book perfectly, it gives off the involuntary sense of satisfaction to mind. Our world is a wonderful place that is filled with many symmetrical things in nature and that includes the design of uman body as well. So whenever we see symmetrical thing our brain counts it as something pleasing to eyes.

At the same time, where there is a wide spectrum of positive things, when we see something asymmetrical our brain sends us a primal signal that this is not right at all. We have today collected a bunch of pictures that are going to mess with your eyes in the worst possible ways. These pictures are so disturbing to look at that you will notice the bad in them at the very first glance. Are you prepared to go through whole of this post?

You are all mine now, my precious


No thank you, I will go without buying groceries for today


Attack of the Toilet Toads


Who would want their hairs to smell like Garlic?!


Orange that seems to have come straight from a horror novel


I would prefer life over this massage any day


What kind of a fashion is this?!


Epic design or a disaster? you deiced


This is the skeleton of a Puffer fish; pretty intense right!

Puffer fish

This is a red sign and wrong on so many levels

red sign

Do check the toilets in Australia every time


No thank you; I’ll pass

thank you

Parents need to be concerned about this one…


Sky in Rome filled with Starlings feels like Demons have taken over


Left for too long


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