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Powerful photos that will make you shed a tear

The art of photography can express a whole range of emotions without any words and transmit them to people on the other side of the shot. The photos from this compilation are no exception. There is a history behind every single one of them that makes us stop and think about the important things: happiness, heroes, obstacles, and overcoming them.

We offer you a chance to take a look at some pictures that can make even the strongest people cry.

So scroll down to look for yourself at some of these powerful photos that will make you shed a tear.

War veteran paying his respects to his commanding officer who didn’t come home with them

War veteran

Dog visits a war dog memorial


When you help to save the world

save the world

The dog is doing his best to cheer up the kid who got run over


There is no way to stop time

stop time

This is an engineering graduate whose father is a rickshaw puller. He drove his parents home from convocation

engineering graduate

Each month this couple picks a weekend to give out 100 hamburgers in 100 minutes to those in need


They were soulmate and should’ve married each other 30 years ago! They both escaped bad marriages to find each other Finally


Simple things; daughter came to visit her mother from out of state. Mom later found this note in her planner 2 days after daughter had left


Parents visited and stayed with their son for a week. They attempted to stay up until 11 pm to welcome him home after a long shift


This is how Tucker (left) looked in the shelter. And this is how he looks (right) when he’s at home


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