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Real Photos That Seem to Have Been Taken in a Parallel Universe

We are so used to pictures edited in Photoshop that when we see something amazing in a photo, we always think that it’s probably been doctored. But talented photographers often manage to take unbelievable photos without having to alter to them later.

We have collected some examples of really unique pictures that were made thanks to the talent of the photographer, technical specifications of the camera, and, of course, amazing luck.

Girl wearing a black and white Santa costume

Fallen tree holding back the duckweed perfectly

Long-exposure of a tram leaving the station

True happiness for a perfectionist

Bearded Vulture that sometimes carries away lambs, calves, and even children

A work by French artist George Rousse, who creates his colorful, intriguing images in deserted buildings set to be demolished

Seems like we lost the horizon!

Different season seen from same house but different windows

Glitch in the matrix

What’s your fuel

Is this magic or what!

Refraction of light

This photographer managed to “freeze” light

This gigantic duck is real

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